Convert your standard connector into an

EMI/RFI Filtered Connector in SECONDS!

EESeal® Filters by Quell can be custom fit and inserted into your connector in seconds.
Build your custom EESeal® Filter below and have a custom sample shipped out to you within 24 hours for review!

Example: D38999/24WE35PA
Example: 25 Pins

Pin Filter Mapping

1. Enter which Pin(s) need to be filtered on your connector.

2. Select the frequency that needs to be filtered on that Pin or set of Pins.

If your filter frequency need is not a standard attenuation, you can select Custom Range. This will give you the option of inputting the lowest and highest frequencies that you need filtered.
3. To add a new Pin or set map, click the Add Pin Map button.

4. You can remove a Pin Map by clicking the Remove Pin Map button.

Standard Attentuation Chart

Example: Ethernet on Pins 2-6
Example: MIL-STD-461, DO-160, etc.

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